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Sometimes I meet people who ask “How will talking about my problems change anything?” And my answer is simple, “nothing changes if nothing changes.”  We are sometimes locked into our own narratives and attachments that we often can’t see the forest through the trees.  I have spent over a decade studying and obtaining certifications that focus on solutions, that help clients gain new perspective and discover an inner wisdom to healing they never knew was possible.  I will just say this, if you are experiencing emotional pain and suffering and the things you have tried in the past aren’t working then what will it hurt to explore this avenue.  It sometimes isn’t easy but it is so worth it.  Let’s chat and see if there are some strategies we can develop to help you find that peace and happiness you deserve!

You don’t have to be a psychic or a medium to be able to access this amazing network of inner support that we are gifted with.  If something doesn’t feel right we generally associate that with a “gut feeling” and I would invite you to start becoming more aware of this internal compass in various situations.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have about cultivating this skill!

There are more and more studies coming out that demonstrate the wellness and positive effect yoga has on physical and mental health.  Yoga Therapy is designed to meet you as the individual and address the unique areas of concern you are facing.  This is not like a drop-in class at a studio, it is custom and tailored to identify patterns (both physical and mental) that may be blocking you from obtaining peace and tranquility in your day-to-day life.  Let’s connect more to discover what your personalized practice will look like!

First you must have your master’s degree in social work.  A minimum of 3,000 hours (2-6 years) of clinical and work and 100 hours of supervision in a period of 24 to 40 months will need to be completed.  I will help you with submitting paperwork, keeping a log for your hours and if things change understanding the process of updating the board.


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