The above link will take you to the board website where you can familiarize yourself with the forms, requirements and timeframe that is needed to complete the criteria for LCSW.

When I started my journey into social work I had many professors and supervisors say to me “Someday, you will pay this forward” and it is truly in my heart that I want to help support and grow the next generation of practitioners into the role of LCSW.

Since we will be investing so much time together I want to make sure there is a level of commitment, integrity, and passion for social work before we engage in this dynamic. This is a huge step for you and I want you to feel comfortable with my working style and what I have to offer. We may not be a good fit working together and that is ok, this should be a process for you to learn, absorb and grow into the practitioner you want to be. And then you never stop learning and growing!

I first like to set up an initial face-to-face conversation to determine what your needs are and where you would like to grow. I tend to be very structured and like to have supervises maintain a binder with month tabs so that you can track hours, keep resources we cover in individual and group, and have a reference of all the hard work you are investing. When I was in the process of getting my LCSW I started in Minnesota and relocated to Texas, the Minnesota requirements were higher than Texas but the Texas Board of Social Work Examiners was challenging the transfer because I was not supervised by a Texas Board approved supervisor. I had to go before the board and appeal my case. Thankfully, I had my binders from each year to demonstrate my competencies and a signed log of each monthly hour. I was granted approval for the transfer! (They did make me complete an additional 6 months of supervision because I had 6 remaining months in Minnesota but it was worth it!).

Let’s set up a time to get to know each other and see if this will be a fruitful working relationship! “

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How many hours does it take to get LCSW Supervised?

First you must have your master’s degree in social work. A minimum of 3,000 hours (2-6 years) of clinical and work and 100 hours of supervision in a period of 24 to 40 months will need to be completed. I will help you with submitting paperwork, keeping a log for your hours and if things change understanding the process of updating the board.